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"Blending Families is HARD!"

Struggling to Parent Children and Stepchildren Under The Same Roof?

My free video shares 1 of 7 secrets
for successfully blending your two families into one
(without all the bloodshed).

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What Are My Seven Secrets
For Blending Families?

SECRET #1: How to parent together under the same roof children that have been brought up in different homes and with different parenting styles. (See my video for this one).

SECRET #2: How to INSTANTLY shift out of power struggles and find real solutions.

SECRET #3: How to completely sidestep the "fair vs. equal" dilemma when one set of children were promised one thing and the other set were not.

SECRET #4: What will make you giggle with delight every time your stepchildren are hostile towards you or do something to sabotage your relationship with your spouse.

SECRET #5: How to deal with an incredibly inappropriate ex wife, when her behavior that is so frustrating happens again and again.

SECRET #6: What strategy will instantly stop your kids or stepkids from doing things that were allowed or tolerated in the other home, that are inappropriate in yours!     

SECRET #7: How to convince your spouse to accompany you to counseling, especially when they don't think it will help.

Stepfamilies/blended families are a struggle for everyone.
When you experience stepchildren problems, don't think it's just you, because it's not.

Dealing with stepchildren and the accompanying step parenting problems do not have to be the biggest headache in your life.

Blending families with children is challenging, but do-able!
Let me help you by sharing my number one secret on how to do it.

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