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Very few blended families survive with 67% of remarriages ending in divorce. Blending families is very stressful for everyone involved – the children, parents and stepparents. Blending families successfully is not an easy feat and it takes a great deal of work to create a balanced family environment. But if one just takes the effort and patience to deal with the issues and struggles of blending step families, the transition can be made smoother.

One issue that will come up when a couple decides to remarry is where the "new" family will live. Will you be staying at his or her home? When blending families with children, it would be a good idea to move to a new home. Moving to a new place will take away arguments on territory and invasion of space. Kids in blended families already have a hard time as it is adjusting to a new parent and new siblings. If they have to move to somebody else's dwellings, they will have to adjust to a new place and may end up feeling left out.

On the other hand, kids who continue to live in their own home will feel like strangers are invading their space. They will want to assert their ownership over their territory. They might be unwilling to share their place with their new family. This is especially true when they are forced to share their bedroom with a stepsibling. This can cause resentment and tension between the two parties. Even partners may feel some power struggle especially if they have been single for a while and are used to things their way.

While relocating may be hard and stressful, at least everyone will go through the stress of moving. By moving to a new house, both families can start anew and no one will have a feeling of prior ownership or strong ties to the new place. Having a new home means creating your own memories and traditions. A new home will symbolize a fresh start and the beginning of life together as a blended family.

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